Lu&Mi Detergenti

LU&MI DETERGENTI company works in the field of professional Cleaning to design and product customized professional cleansers, which are created according to the different fields of application and on the basis of specific requests from the clients.

The distinctive features that form LU&MI DETRGENTI identity are:
- A strong ability of innovation
- A strong flexibility
- A guarantee of constant quality
- A strong awareness to environmental issues
- A quick decision-making
- A great knowledge of markets and customers needs
- A complete and reliable traceability of products
- An ability to offer practical solutions to the business partners

These guidelines represent the modus operandi of LU & MI DETERGENTI staff. The company is fast and constantly growing in volumes due to its strong commercial relationships and its flexibility in being able to understand and meet the needs of new customers.

Ability to innovate

The continuous monitoring of customer expectations, the analysis of individual needs on a case-by-case and sector-by-sector basis, in order to develop new ideas and innovative products in the industry, represent the daily activity of LU & MI DETERGENTI, placing it at a high level of standardization of its processes.

Flexible operations

LU & MI DETERGENTI has grown rapidly thanks to the advanced know-how that provides the ability to design and manufacture products which are specifically suited to the most different sectors. The company offers high flexibility in terms of type of detergents with customized formulations and packaging. This allows LU & MI DETERGENTI to meet the specific needs of its customers in order to ensure their high performance businesses.

Constant quality

All products by LU & MI DETERGENTI are insured by constant checks on raw materials and on individual machining steps. Each formulation is accompanied by a technical and safety data sheet which are constantly updated according to current regulations. LU & MI DETERGENTI work through long-term relationships with most of its suppliers, selecting them d in time. This allows the company to work on a permanent basis with reliable suppliers and to have a great excellent quality of its products and services.

Respect for the environment

LU & MI DETERGENTI strives to design and manufacture products specifically designed with the utmost respect for nature. From this constant research the new Ecolabel line has been created, and it includes cleansers with low environmental impact.

Rapid decision-making

The holder’s direct involvement, also in the decisional process, makes the latter very quick. The selection of reliable and skilled staff ensures a rapid information system. This makes LU & MI DETERGENTI able to react dynamically to the different requests coming from the customers and the market, responding with solutions that are consistent and effective.

In-depth knowledge of the market

Meeting the customers, working with them, talking and gathering information directly from the source. This is the daily work of LU & MI DETERGENTI in order to increase its knowledge of the markets. Thanks to this attitude the LU & MI DETERGENTI products are distributed not only in the domestic market but also internationally.

Full traceability of products

Since its founding, LU & MI DETERGENTI has understood the importance of adopting an internal system to ensure the complete recording of every single event of the production process, in order to achieve the most detailed traceability for each product.

Ideas and just solutions

Thanks to the competence of its technical and commercial staff and the knowledge developed from the large portfolio of clients, LU & MI DETERGENTI always knows how to find and offer the right solution within the time requested by the market.